Lærdalsøren MOTOR Hotel presents


A series of stunning roadtrips bringing you through epic environments and over enormous mountains. The fantastic nature, steep mountains and the many hairpin turns are the fundamentals of these spectacular routes. These routes are

available on tarmac, gravel and snow. These are the journeys you won´t forget!

4 Specific routes of differing length

Laerdalsorenring routes

Route details are provided at the hotel

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Laerdalsörenring route 1

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Laerdalsörenring route 2

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Laerdalsörenring route 3

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Laerdalsörenring route 4

Epic drives

Norways premiere driving experience

Stay at iconic Lærdalsøren Motor Hotel where you spend your days driving and enjoying some of the worlds most scenic routes,  When the drive is over enjoy the company of other petrolheads in the bar or outside in the beer garden.

In the spring you can enjoy spectacular freshly cleared mountain roads.  TALL white walls surround the spectacular roads.  Some call it The white Hell.   We call it paradise


Porsche Destination Charging

Lærdalsøren Motor Hotel is a Porsche Destination Charging partner. We have charge points available for our Porsche guests